Financial Wellness Dictionary: Exploring Salary On-Demand, Gold Savings and Salary Top Up

The average monthly household income in Malaysia was around 7,901 Malaysian ringgit (MYR). This means that the average Joe daily struggles with fluctuations, global pandemics, and rising inflation. Many struggle to make ends meet and are unprepared for unexpected emergencies. It adversely affects their mental and physical health and productivity.

To address this, financial suites have emerged as an integral component of employee wellness programs. These suites offer tailored features and services to meet employees’ diverse financial needs and goals.

In this blog, you can find an in-depth explanation of key terms and understand their impact. We will explore how financial challenges affect employees’ well-being and explore how financial suites can enhance employee productivity and increase business revenue.

Let us talk about two young individuals – Ramesh and Jay. Ramesh is a 26 year old unskilled labourer who works in a factory on the outskirts of KL, while Jay is a 24 year old white-collar employee working as an IT engineer in Johar.

Both these individuals, along with their employers, can benefit immensely from a financial suite that offers the following:

Salary On-Demand:

Salary On-Demand is a game-changer in employee financial wellness. Salary On-Demand ensures that employees have the flexibility and timely access to their hard-earned salary whenever needed. For instance, If they have worked for ten days, you can immediately access the equivalent amount from your salary. The best part is that they won’t have to pay interest because it’s not a loan, credit, or advance on your salary.

A recent EY study shows that a staggering 80 percent of Malaysians run out of money even before the end of the month. For a blue-collar worker with a family unit, rent, utilities, and groceries take up most of their salary, which means they are left with little to no money at the end of the month and often struggle to meet their other needs, such as educational expenses for their children. Salary On-Demand is a great tool to help manage cash flow during challenging months, providing increased flexibility and financial freedom. 

As for white-collar employees like Jay, they are not immune to cash flow problems either. In the same study, many IT service sector respondents reported that their monthly salary is insufficient to cover their expenses. Despite being in the highest paying industries in Malaysia, Jay and many other IT professionals struggle with their day-to-day expenses. In a social media driven world with constant images and updates showcasing luxurious experiences and possessions, white-collar professionals such as Jay often experience the “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO) and make bad financial decisions.

Gold Savings:

Gold Savings can significantly impact employees’ lives by providing them with an alternative method of saving and diversifying their investment portfolio. Employees gain access to a tangible and stable asset that holds value over time by offering Gold Savings as part of a financial suite. Employees gain access to a tangible and stable asset that holds value over time by offering Gold Savings as part of a financial suite. Gold has long been recognised as a reliable store of wealth and a hedge against economic uncertainties.

Employees can protect their savings from inflation and market volatility with Gold Savings. By allocating a portion of their earnings towards gold, they can build a long term investment strategy that offers stability and potential appreciation. This can help them secure their financial future and achieve their financial goals, such as buying a home, funding their children’s education, or planning retirement.

Furthermore, Gold Savings give employees a sense of ownership and control over their finances. Instead of solely relying on traditional banking products or volatile investment options, they can diversify their savings by holding physical gold. This diversification reduces the risk associated with economic fluctuations and provides a tangible asset they can easily track and monitor. Ultimately, Gold Savings empower employees to take charge of their financial wellbeing and provide greater financial freedom and flexibility.

Salary Top Up:

For white collar employees like Jay, Salary Top Up offers great benefits. Let’s say Jay wants to invest in an IPO or buy a new iPhone when it launches but lacks liquidity. The only options for Jay are borrowing money from family or friends or taking a short-term loan to meet his needs. Borrowing money can cause embarrassment, and short term loans have high interest. But with a Salary Top Up option, Jay can access 1.5 times his salary in advance, giving him the flexibility to make these decisions without financial worries.

Salary Top Up can be used for different needs. It helps with rent and deposit payments when moving to a new city, covering medical expenses during emergencies, and buying expensive gadgets. Moreover, it’s useful for managing bills and ensuring consistent investments. The Salary Top Up provides financial flexibility, making life easier for employees and reducing financial stress.

For Ramesh, a Salary Top Up can mean meeting unexpected expenses such as hospitalisations or home repairs. Financial freedom is synonymous with a safety net against predatory practices for most blue collar workers. Due to lack of education and awareness, low-income households are often entrapped by loan sharks and payday apps. These services may offer loans, but the interest rates are so exorbitant that borrowers find it challenging to repay them, leading to further financial difficulties.


By implementing a comprehensive financial suite that includes solutions like Salary On-Demand, Salary Top Up, and Gold Savings, employers demonstrate their commitment to their employees’ wellbeing. Financial challenges directly impact the workforce, leading to low attendance, high turnover rates, and decreased productivity. However, by proactively addressing these challenges, employers create a positive work environment and a happier, more engaged workforce. Investing in employees’ financial wellbeing yields long term benefits for employees and employers.

However, to ensure successful implementation, it’s crucial to tailor the solutions to meet employees’ specific needs, prioritise data privacy and security, and provide clear communication and ongoing support.

HariGaji is a financial wellness suite that offers Salary On-Demand, Salary Top Up and Gold Savings, among other benefits such as 1-1 consultation with approved financial advisors.

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